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Nice to Meet You.

I have been excited about food since I received my first cake decorating kit at age 6! My love of baking has evolved into a passion for honest and creative food. Since moving to Washington’s Methow Valley in 1994, I have owned and operated a Northwest seasonal restaurant, started an artisanal bakery, and since 2004, Dietz Catering. When I am not catering I am skiing, hiking, biking, rafting, gardening, traveling and raising two beautiful daughters with my husband, Phil.

 I am committed to helping clients move through the myriad of details that go into planning a party, no matter the size or occasion. My goal is to leave a lasting impression with you and your guests, one that is memorable for all the right reasons.


Dedicated Staff

Our staff is motivated, responsible and helpful. We are often setting up outside, in a field, beside a barn, by the river or in someone’s garden. We are adept at taking rustic locations and making them inviting and comfortable. We dress in casual black attire, with aprons, to ensure we blend in but are also visible when needed. You and your guests will feel taken care of, by committed, friendly staff, so you can relax and enjoy your party. We work your event so you don’t have to


Straightforward Planning

We work hard to provide an estimate that reflects the final bill. All events are unique and we will take into consideration many factors to make up a detailed estimate for you in advance. Options might include; type of occasion, date, location, number of attendees, culinary preferences, dietary restrictions, services required, number of servers, serving style, bar staff, vendor coordination, party supplies and rentals. We want to avoid surprises, so we send you a detailed estimate. All taxes, services and gratuities will be included. If your order changes between estimate and delivery we will revise the estimate.